Air Conditioning Diagnostic and Repair

HVAC is a very crucial part of the overall Truck system as it offers a comfortable environment to the driver inside the cabin that prevents fatigue and distraction. With an efficient air conditioning system, the hot air inside the cabin is replaced with cool air. If the air conditioner fails to perform, it would lead to more air combustion inside the cabin and thus tough conditions for the truck driver. In harsh winter cab vents required to blow heated air for driver. To ensure you enjoy driving your truck and trailer to long-distance drives, you must pay attention to the maintenance of HVAC system.


Air Conditioning Diagnostic:

The truck’s air conditioning system comprises of various parts and each part has a crucial role to play. If any of these parts fail to function correctly, there could be a problem that leads to a severe problem and even a complete breakdown of the air conditioning system. At Pacific Truck and Trailer Service Ltd., we perform an extensive inspection of the truck’s air conditioning system to find out the problem and eradicate the root cause. Our expert mechanics work on the air conditioning system checking a compressor for proper operation, electrical components for connectivity, detecting leak in the system and the entire system for low pressure. Depending upon the findings and the requirement, our service staff may also empty and refill the refrigerant in your truck as per the manufacturer’s specifications.


Competitive HVAC System Repairs:

If your trucks HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system has started showing signs of wear /tear or inoperative you must come to us and let us diagnose the system. We offer you competitive repairs services to ensure you enjoy your HVAC at their best.