Certified Technicians

There are various aspects that affect the functioning and performance of your truck and trailers over time. Exposure to rough working conditions, mechanical breakdowns and several other facts contribute towards a decrease in the truck performance. Moreover, there are untimely breakdowns that demand quick and effective solutions to bring your truck/ trailer back in shape.

At Pacific Truck and Trailer Service Ltd., we are a team of certified technicians that is readily available to offer you the desired services and ensure that your systems work perfectly fine.

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certified technicians

Professional and Qualified Technicians:

Modern trucks come with highly advanced engines and computerized systems. Our professional and qualified mechanics have the right skill set, knowledge base and access to equipment that enables them to offer a permanent solution to any problems to these assets. We pay great attention to the hiring process of our service staff and ensure that only the most seasoned and qualified technicians are welcomed in the team.